The Learning Tree in Oakdale
6:45am - Open. A nutritious breakfast may be brought in until 7:30am
Children’s choice of activities: table activities, blocks, playhouse, preparation for the
mornings’ activities.
7:45am - Clean up ti me. Children are responsible for putting away their own toys, etc.
7:50am - Early Circle Time: singing, dancing, rhythm activities, reading
8:15am - Outdoor play
9:00am - Circle Time by age group. Calendar, Weather, Songs, large group activity
9:45am - Classroom time. Take roll, Teacher reads a book to class, songs
10:00am - Morning Snack
10:20am - Learning activities, including reading and math skills readiness, science projects,
simple Spanish words, special units of study, music, art projects and self-sufficiency.
11:00am - Outdoor play, free choice
11:20am- Learning activities resume.
12:00pm - Lunch Time ** We do not provide lunch. If your child will be staying for lunch,
please pack a nutritious lunch. NO SODA or CANDY! Items that need to be warmed up are
fine, as we have microwaves available.
12:45pm - 2:45pm - Nap time
2:45pm - 3:00pm - Children get their shoes on, go to the restroom
3:15pm - Afternoon Snack
3:30pm - Outdoor play or vigorous indoor games
4:15pm - Afternoon projects: Learning Activities, stories, music, art
5:15pm - Free Choice, quiet activities
6:00pm - Closing time. All children must be called for by 6pm.
Learning Tree Oakdale Preschool Daily Schedule
Oakdale Preschool & School Age Day Care
1480 Poplar Ave., Oakdale, CA 95361
Contact: Jonyce O'Neill @ 209.847.4050 or
It is our goal to help your child learn academically and socially, growing at their own speed to
their full potential. The Learning Tree Preschool is a loving and caring environment where
children are taught the various skills needed to succeed in kindergarten and in life by fully
qualified teachers who love children. At our school, the children are not just “students”, they are
About the Learning Tree Oakdale School
The Learning Tree Preschool Parents Handbook
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