About Us
About Our Business


Our main concern is the whole child.  We are interested in helping each child reach his
potential in all areas of growth, including: cognitive, emotional, physical and social.

Our program will provide opportunities for your child to fulfill his potential through:

  • Firsthand experience in social relationships
  • Physical development of large and small muscles
  • Finding acceptable outlets for emotions
  • Stimulating experiences which encourage the child to think, analyze problems, and
    develop basic skills necessary for future educational experiences.

It is essential for the young child to acquire a desire for knowledge.  At the same time the
child should develop a strong self-image and independence which are necessary to function
in today’s society.  In addition, we feel that it is important for every child to practice
consideration for those around him.

We have made a commitment to offer a happy and loving environment in which a child may
thrive and be challenged yet still feel a strong sense of security and unconditional support.